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Nami is on a mission to help app publishers succeed in the modern App Economy. Our cloud service helps app publishers go-to-market with, then optimize subscription-based products all while fostering happy subscribers.

Our Culture

The App Economy is Changing and Nami is Leading the Charge

As a member of the Nami team, there are several core objectives you’ll be supporting at the company that cut across all teams:

  • Creating great customer experiences
  • A relentless focus on user privacy
  • Constant innovation to find the best solutions to our problems
  • We strive to be BCE (can you help?)

Nami supports a remote working culture. We are looking for talented candidates to help us take it to the next level.

Remote work

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Best Career Ever

Now is your chance to create your dream job and help our mission along the way.

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Customer Success Engineer

Making customers happy is your job!

SDK Development
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