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Businesses often struggle to gather basic subscription performance metrics. Unfortunately, macro KPIs aren’t always very actionable. Nami helps you create the future outcomes you want by surfacing insights designed for app revenue growth.

Subscription analytics dashboard

Actionable insights

Focus on your app growth opportunities

Where should you focus your energy? Nami bubbles up recommendations based upon your current performance so you can reduce trial and error and focus on impact such as:

  • What price points and bill terms are working?
  • Which user acquisition (UA) channels should you double down on?
  • What changes should you make to improve paywall conversion?

App analytic charts and graphics
Metric charts and graphics


Optimize your paywall

Far too many apps adopt a subscription model but then rely on a static paywall. This limitation means revenue is not optimizable. Since Nami turns paywalls into an app growth marketing asset, you can measure performance and make changes instantly using data.

Over 19 key paywall & subscriptions metrics...







MRR Movement

Average Revenue per Paying User

Average Revenue per Registered User

Paywall Conversion Rate


Active Paid Subscribers

New Subscribers

Average MRR per Subscriber

Subscriber Movement

Subscriber LTV

Subscriber Retention


Leads & Trials



App Users


Trial Movement

Trial Conversion Rate

Subscriber Churn

Revenue Churn


Integrate unified subscriber data across your stack

Activate consistent subscriber data throughout your stack. Nami integrates with popular solutions in messaging, analytics, customer support and more to empower your high value use cases.

Unified data across different platforms

Deep dive

Explore the data beneath your app revenue

Want to see the contribution a certain product SKU is making? Need to understand which user acquisition (UA) channels are driving the best LTV? Nami offers an easy to use tool to slice and dice performance data  across a variety of dimensions.

Subscription analytics graphics and data

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