Better support interactions for happier subscribers

There’s nothing more harmful to customer satisfaction than poor support interactions. With Nami, you will be able to support your subscribers quickly and efficiently.

Subscriber CRM dashboard

Better support

Subscriber context down to the individual level

Say a customer contacts support with a problem involving their subscription. Nami provides you a quick way to look up individual level subscriber records detailing customer’s purchase platform, current subscription status and more.

Customer support view
Subscriber CRM with privacy dashboard

Privacy by design

A subscriber CRM designed for privacy

With individual level subscriber records, privacy might be a concern. Fortunately, our CRM only stores anonymous records that only you can map to known customers. This solution gives you the power to deliver high quality subscriber support without exposing PII to us.


Understand your key subscriber cohorts

A subscriber CRM is important for support, but it’s also an opportunity to learn about your audience. Now you can understand your entirely user base including your subscription funnel.

App subscription segmentation dashboard


Add subscriber context to CRMs and support tools

We all spend too much time bouncing in and out of tools that only have a partial view. That’s why Nami subscriber data can integrated with CRMs and support tools for a full view of your subscribers.

Nami subscriber CRM

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