Subscription management software
for the app economy.

Adopt one service to offer a subscription model from your mobile app, on your website, or even from a connected device. Sell subscriptions wherever your customers want to buy.

Nami integration with multiple devices

Access everywhere

Your customers expect multi-platform that works

We don't live in a single device, single platform world anymore. Customers expect to make a purchase in one place and use it on whatever device they want. Nami allows you to create uniform access to premium content and features on any device.

App subscription paywall on multiple devices

Data management

Untangle your subscription data

Offering a subscription model on one channel is complicated enough. It’s even more so as you add more channels and platforms. The complexity results in messy subscriber data. This is due to differences in how each channel manage the subscription lifecycle. Nami provides normalized subscriber data regardless of where billing occurs.

Subscription customer data management

Integrate in minutes

Easy subscription management for your app

We designed the Nami platform to make integration as easy as possible. A basic implementation consists of 3 steps:

Nami integration in minutes

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