We’re on a mission to help app publishers succeed in the modern App Economy

The Nami's Story

With tsunamis of devices, apps, data, and technologies, app publishers are struggling to manage the chaos, harness the power of emerging technologies and thrive in a changing App Economy. Nami ML was born to help.

As Apple alumni, we saw the tectonic shift that was coming with the introduction of the iPhone. When the App Store launched in 2008, we were both there building high-profile apps.

In 2009, we saw an opportunity to help app developers. We co-founded a push notification service responsible for sending billions of messages for high profile customers.

We sold that company and our technology became the mobile engine for the Oracle Marketing Cloud, where we worked for several years.

During our time working in mobile marketing a disturbing truth about the state of the industry became clear. Even with large install bases, a shockingly small number of apps thrive in the App Economy.

According to AppAnnie, fewer than 3000 are making more than US$1,000,000 a year from paid downloads, in-app purchases, and subscriptions.

This reality has given rise to a whole ecosystem of mobile marketing tools to help publishers focus on growing audience, not creating a sustainable business.

We founded Nami ML because the marketing tools built for growing audience through downloads aren't helping developers win in the subscription era. We believe it’s time for a new solution born for today.

The Nami® platform helps app publishers and developers focus on profitability and recurring revenue streams. We want to empower developers to get back to creating app experiences users will happily pay for.

Nami ML has another mission, to be BCE. It’s our journey to build a company all of our stakeholders can be proud of. We wrote an entire post if you’re curious to learn more.

- Dan & Joe, Co-Founders

Time to shine

Best Career Ever

Remote work

Happy to be here

We seek to hire and retain top talent. To us, that doesn't just mean  hiring candidates with a strong CV. It's about people who are happy to be here and excited to join our shared journey.

Stretch yourself

Our goals are ambitious and unconventional thinking and creativity are key to our success. The best ideas win, regardless of job title or reporting structure. Ideas propel the company and  help you grow.

Work from life

We embrace a remote work philosophy. To us this means not just working from home but where ever life takes you: a cafe down the street, a far away paradise, or anywhere in between that brings joy.

App Revenue Success

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No-Code Paywalls

Unlock our best app retention strategies, built upon a great subscriber experience.

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Subscription Management

Offer IAPs & subscriptions across mobile, web and connect devices with one service.

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Revenue Insights

Delivering the actionable insights you need to optimize your app revenue.

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Happy Subscribers

Deliver a better experience through personalization, contextualization & support.

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Leverage data across your stack for analytics, cross-channel campaigns, analytics & more.

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Enterprise Grade

Battle tested speed, security & data privacy. Compliant with SOC 2 and PCI-DSS.


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