Nami SDK for Apple version 1.5.0 released

The latest release of the Nami SDK for Apple version 1.5.0, is now available on GitHub.

The new release includes official support for iOS 13 & iPad OS 13, improved Objective-C support, and more:

  • Adds Xcode 11 support via XCFramework, available in /XCode11

  • Improved Objective-C visibility for some classes like NamiMetaPurchase.

  • For Objective-C, can now import Nami.h instead of Nami-Swift.h.

  • Added Objective-C demo app.

  • Fixes UI issues for paywalls on the iPad.

  • Reduces frequency of profile data transmissions.

  • iOS 13 & iPadOS 13 support.

If you have feedback, please open an issue via GitHub or email us directly.

Thanks for using Nami!

ProductDan Burcaw