Nami® Flutter v1.0.0 SDK for In-App Purchases

Nami® Flutter v1.0.0 SDK for In-App Purchases

Launch, optimize, and grow your in-app purchases and subscriptions with our v1.0.0 flutter SDK.

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Nami is excited to announce the 1.0.0 release of our Flutter SDK for In-App Purchases (IAPs) and subscriptions.

Flutter is a great framework to build apps for iOS and Android with a shared code-base. The Nami® platform brings the same simplicity to selling in-app purchases and subscription cross-platform that Flutter brings to app development.

In our Flutter v1.0.0 release, we bring all our latest features from our iOS and Android SDKs including:

  • Create paywalls in multiple languages.
  • Improved support for accessibility features like Apple’s VoiceOver and Google’s TalkBack on Nami® no-code paywalls.
  • Paywall Smart Text feature that enables custom text on purchase buttons or including Product SKU information like price, subscription, and free trial duration in all text fields on your paywalls.
  • Support for one-time purchases on iOS and Android

In addition to these great new features, we have included a number of internal improvements in this release.

  • Enhancements to ensure purchases on Android get acknowledged if the initial attempt fails
  • Updated to the Google Play Billing 4.0.0 library
  • Improvements to our Java interface to make it easier to use
  • Added support for development on M1 Apple computers

We are very excited to make flutter in-app purchases and subscriptions as easy as cross-platform app development. Get started today in just a few minutes with our flutter quick start guide.

Alejandro Cantarero is the Field CTO of AI at DataStax. Previously, Alejandro was founding CTO of Nami ML. He has built and run data teams at startups and large enterprises. Most recently he was the VP of Data at two large media companies, the Los Angeles Times and Tribune Publishing Company.

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