Subscriptions Report Card, Android SDK 2.0 & Integrations

Subscriptions Report Card, Android SDK 2.0 & Integrations

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Amanda Maricle
Product Owner

Nami released product updates to subscription reporting, a major new Android 2.0 SDK & rolled out a new section for managing third-party tools

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In this blog post:

Team Nami has been hard at work with updates! Here are the latest additions to the platform which are now live:

  • Made improvements to subscription reporting on the Overview screen.
  • Launched the Android 2.0 SDK which is full of major improvements
  • Introduced a new Integrations section for managing Nami’s interface with third-party

Let’s take a look at each of these in more detail.

📊 Subscriptions Report Card

We all want to know how many active subscriptions we have but that only tells a part of the story. Your subscriber base can be segmented across a number of dimensions to tell a more complete story.

Nami subscription report card table

That’s why we’ve rolled out a new Subscriptions Report Card that gives you a real-time report of the number of subscriptions with the following context:

  • Total Subscriptions
  • Active Paid Subscriptions
  • Subscriptions in Free Trial
  • Subscriptions in Intro Pricing
  • Paused Subscriptions
  • Subscriptions in Grace Period
  • Subscriptions in Account Hold
  • Subscriptions not renewing

With Subscriptions Report Card, get insight into your app's subscription journey states available on the Overview screen. To learn more, visit the docs.

🤖 Android 2.0

The latest Android release is full of features!

Nami solves Play Billing SDK code snippet
  • Nami's entitlement engine is now improved to handle subscription upgrades and downgrades
  • Options to sell new in-app purchases with lifetime one-time purchases and consumables
  • Localize your paywalls to sell your app in multiple languages
  • Improved TalkBack support for accessibility text to speech on our no-code paywalls

Learn more about the Nami Android 2.0 SDK, head over to the ChangeLog.

🔗 Integrations Screen

Connect Nami to your App Store or Google Play account plus other tools using our new Integrations screen.

Nami control center integrations

Sync Nami subscriber data with 3rd party platforms such as mParticle, Wicket Labs, and Zendesk (coming soon). Importantly, you can also now setup and consume Nami context on your own backup by consuming our webhooks.

We’re planning to expand the integrations section with many more partners. Don't see the tool you’re looking for? Let us know what integrations are the most important for your app.

Our team is already hard at work on the next major product updates so stay tuned for some exciting announcements upcoming.

Amanda Maricle is the Product Owner at Nami ML. She has an extensive background in app development and most recently product managed the Connect mobile app platform at HomeSpotter.

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