How to setup Apple Offer Codes 2023

How to setup Apple Offer Codes 2023

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Step-by-step guide to configuring Apple Offer Codes in App Store Connect in 2023. Learn to quickly setup winback and new subscriber offers in iTunes.

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Apple Offer Codes are a great way to help you acquire, retain, or winback subscribers. You can offer special reduced prices on a subscription or provide free access for a limited time. Here is how to find and configure offer codes in App Store Connect.

1. Login to App Store Connect.

2. Pick your app from the Apps list.

app store connect apps list

3. Scroll down to ‘Subscriptions’ in the left hand menu.

4. Then pick the Subscription Group your product is located in.

app store connect subscription products

5. Click on the Subscription product you want to add an Offer Code for.

6. Scroll down to ‘Subscription Prices’ and then click ‘View all Subscription Pricing’.

7. Click ‘Offer Codes’.

app store connect apple offer codes

8. Click ‘Set up Offer Codes’.

setup new apple offer codes
Setup Apple Offer Codes

9. First, let’s setup a winback offer for Expired Subscribers. To do this, provide a name for your Offer. This name used for reporting and internal management. Then select ‘Expired subscribers’ from the checklist. Decide if you want subscribers to also be eligible for introductory offers with this code. Then click ‘Next’.

10. Then select the countries or regions of availability.

11. Select the Offer Type. For our Winback offer, we will choose Free for 1 Month. But you could also select ‘Pay as you go’ or ‘Pay up front’ for a discounted rate.

12. Confirm your Offer Price and ‘Submit’ to create the Offer.

Create Codes for your New Offer

13. Now that the offer is created, we need to create codes so customers can redeem. To do this, click the name of the new offer.

list apple offer codes

14. Decide whether you want to create one-time use codes or custom codes.

One-time use codes are perfect for email or SMS marketing and are unique to each customer. One-time codes expire up to 6 months after creation.

Custom codes are memorable codes that can be redeemed by multiple customers. An example would be ‘SPRINGSALE’. Custom codes can be edited to control how many customers redeem it, when it expires, and more.

You can create both one-time use and custom Apple offer codes for the same offer.

setup onetime and custom apple offer codes

Create One-Time Codes

15. To create one-time codes, click ‘Create One-Time Use Codes’ from the Offer page.

16. Pick the number of codes to create for this marketing ‘batch’. Need more than 25k? Create multiple batches. However be aware that your app can’t have more than 150,000 codes redeemed in a given quarter, so watch your limits!

Then pick an expiration date for the codes. The codes will automatically expire in 6 months.

Finally, click ‘Create’.

17. You will see a batch of one-time use codes available. Click ‘Download’ to get a .csv file of the codes and the unique redemption URL that can be inserted into your marketing campaigns. Note: it can take up to an hour before the Apple offer codes are available to be redeemed by customers.

Create Custom Codes

18. To create Custom Codes, click ‘Create Custom Codes’ from the offer page.

19. Enter a name for the code. It should be memorable and short, such as ‘SPRING23SALE’. Be careful! This name can’t be edited once you create it and if you want to use it for another code, you must deactivate this code first.

Select the redemption limit for this code. This controls how many users can redeem it and counts against your 150,000 app redemption limit for the quarter.

Then select an expiration date. If you want the code to expire, you must pick a date within the next 6 months. Otherwise you can choose ‘No End Date’ if the code should always exist. Be careful! The expiration date can’t be edited.

Finally, click ‘Create’ to finish. Note: it can take up to an hour before the code is available to be redeemed by customers.

Redeem Apple Offer Codes

Now you have offer codes created! There are 2 ways to redeem Apple offer codes: direct URL and redemption sheet

The direct URL route is ideal for email or SMS marketing. Grab the Offer Code URL from the top of the offer page and replace ‘CODE’ with either the One-Time Use Code for a particular customer or a Custom code for a promo event. When a user clicks this URL they will be taken to the app store with this code prefilled.

apple offer codes URL
Deep-linking into the redemption sheet with an Apple offer code prefilled

Redemption sheet allows a user to manually type in a code that they’ve received from you at an event, through SMS or push messaging, or from support. Users can either redeem the code through the “Redeem Gift Card or Code” page in their App Store account settings or in your app if you have implemented the presentcoderedemptionsheet API.

redeem apple offer codes in app store
Redeem a one-time use offer code from App Store settings
redeem apple offer codes from sheet
Opening the generic redemption sheet for an app allows the user to type in a custom code

There you have it! All the steps required to setup Apple Offer Codes in 2023.

Try an Apple Offer Code

Want to try out an offer code to see how it works? Take a look at Nami’s house-built app called Serenity - Deep Sleep Booster. Use code ‘FREEFIRSTMO’ to get your first month of service for free.

Redeem the offer with this URL: https://apps.apple.com/redeem?ctx=offercodes&id=1616941193&code=FREEFIRSTMO

Looking to improve your subscription conversion and retention funnels? Nami has detailed analytics to help you track and optimize your subscription app revenue. Get started today.

Amanda Maricle is the Product Owner at Nami ML. She has an extensive background in app development and most recently product managed the Connect mobile app platform at HomeSpotter.

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