Nami ML welcomes iOS 13 and iPadOS with latest SDK for Mobile Revenue Automation

BOULDER, Colo.--(PRWeb)-- To celebrate the release of Apple’s latest iOS and iPad OS release, Nami ML has updated their Mobile Revenue Automation platform with support for Apple’s newest operating systems.

“There’s always tremendous excitement whenever Apple releases new products, and the release of iOS 13 and iPadOS is no exception,” explains Dan Burcaw, CEO and Co-Founder of Nami ML. “To succeed in today’s app economy, it’s critically important for our customers to quickly adopt the latest OS releases to grow their business, and we know our platform must help them at every step.”

Nami ML’s platform and SDK empower Mobile App Publishers to tackle the challenges of making money with apps by growing in-app and subscription revenue in three key ways.

First, Nami makes it easy to implement Apple’s StoreKit capabilities, dramatically reducing the amount of time developers need to spend coding and testing.

Second, the Nami ML platform gives marketers newfound capabilities to manage product offers and creative elements in their apps using a hosted service, instead of requiring constant developer updates.

Perhaps most importantly, Nami’s pioneering use of on-device machine learning to identify revenue behaviors in apps unlocks the promise of growing app revenue automatically in a way that protects End User privacy.

Burcaw summarized, “End Users are tired of being sold as the product and resent having their personal data exposed via ads and pervasive tracking. Using the Nami platform, App Publishers can sell their apps, not their users, and succeed without selling out.”

For complete information on the Nami™ platform and how it can help App Publishers grow revenue, visit the website at to learn more, request a demo and sign up today.


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Joe Pezzillo, Nami ML

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