The Evolution of Native Apps Continues

Michael Della Penna, a senior executive with 25 years of experience in MarTech, AdTech and Marketing Services, published an article on the evolution of native mobile apps and how Nami helps app publishers make more money.

Della Penna cites privacy concerns and revenue pressures as two factors impacting app developers and marketers alike. He pointed to Apple’s doubling down on privacy this week as further evidence that Nami’s pursuit of strong end user privacy and focus on the customer experience the makings of a solution whose time has come.

I’m very excited about Nami ML, and that is why I’ve decided to invest.
— Michael Della Penna, Nami ML Investor

Michael met Joe & Dan, Nami’s founders, when he drove the acquisition of their last venture, Push IO, in his role as Senior Vice President, Emerging Channels for Oracle’s Responsys.

We’re pleased that Michael decided to join our team as an engaged investor who believes in our mission to help app publishers make more money while focusing on protecting user privacy.

Welcome, Michael!

TeamDan Burcaw