Localized Paywalls & More Enterprise Features
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Localized Paywalls & More Enterprise Features

We've had a busy summer! Take a look at what's new in the Nami ML platform from the last few months, including:

  • Create Paywalls in multiple languages
  • New Cloud Paywall Builder
  • Accessibility support
  • Big Enterprise feature update

Paywalls in Multiple Languages 🗺

Nami has been innovating to help grow your global business needs!

  • Promote different content in different countries
  • Customize paywalls by language and locale to tailor your message
  • Unlock a global audience of potential subscribers

Updated Cloud Paywall Builder 🖼

The paywall builder looks better than ever! Edit your paywalls easily from our newly designed sidebar editor and watch your paywall preview update in realtime.  

Jump to the docs to learn how to setup localized paywalls.

Accessibility 👂

We’ve designed our paywalls to work with screen readers solutions including VoiceOver on Apple and TalkBack and Select to Speak on Google Android.And you can even translate the screen reader text for localized paywalls!

See the new Localization and Accessibility features in action:

Enterprise Features 🏢

These features are only available to users on our Enterprise plan. Contact us to setup a demo or upgrade your plan.

Advanced Roles/Permissions

Invite users to your organization with limited access using our new roles and permissions controls.

  • Admin - Access everything
  • Support - Perfect for customer support teams that only need access to customer records
  • Viewer - Keep your Nami environment secure by limiting users that can make changes

Or contact Nami to customize roles with access that fits your business needs.

Jump to the docs to learn more about roles.

API Access to Customer Data

Nami now has API endpoints to access all the data in the 'Customers' screen. Use the API to:

  • Filter customers by platform or ID
  • View all data available for any specific customer
  • Access all events for a customer - including purchases, cancellations, trial period, and more
  • Dig into all revenue for a customer

Nami is now SOC 2 Compliant

Nami is invested in enterprise-class resources and processes. We have integrated continuous monitoring software and advanced data privacy practices to become SOC 2 compliant.

* * *

We hope you find these updates useful and if you have any questions or feedback, please reach out.

Amanda Maricle

Amanda Maricle is the Product Owner at Nami ML. She has an extensive background in app development and most recently product managed the Connect mobile app platform at HomeSpotter.

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