The Ultimate Guide to App Subscription Optimization

Getting Started

This guide was designed to help app publishers large and small optimize their app's subscription revenue. In the content to follow, you'll find tools to help you self-assess your app, choosing what to optimize next, and a detailed subscription optimization roadmap with over 200 actionable steps.

If you're not sure if this guide is for you, consider these questions:

  • Do you want to optimize your subscription app, but aren’t sure what to do next or how to do it?  
  • Do you want to assess how well optimized your app is?
  • Do you need guidance on creating the right foundation for subscription optimization?  
  • Do you want to learn the simple steps to creating a better paywall?
  • Do you want to master price testing & paywall A/B testing?
  • Do you want to achieve revenue bliss from your subscription app?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this guide is for you!  Check back often, as we're adding new sections regularly.

We’ll draw from our experience building some of the most successful apps and working with top app publishers. We’ll also share examples from others who have overcome obstacles to get one step closer in their subscription optimization journey.

Here we go.

Using this Guide

The Ultimate Guide to App Subscription Optimization is designed to help everyone optimize. From apps that haven't even gone to market yet, to ones with global audiences and millions of dollars in revenue. As a result, the guide is organized into two major sections.

  • In section 1, we help you self-assess your app so we can point you to the right next step in your optimization journey.
  • In section 2, we dive in the the more than 200 actionable steps, organized around five levels of subscription optimization.

In this way, feel free to jump around the the relevant content that makes sense for you and your app. Be sure to work through the self-assessment, as the low hanging fruit we recommend might be different from what you think you need to do next.

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