Subscriptions for Automakers

Sell Subscriptions & Deliver a Harmonious Subscriber Experience In-Car & On Devices

According to Allied Market Research, car subscriptions will grow to more than $12 billion by 2027. The future of subscriptions is just about recurring revenue. Subscriptions can be the new loyalty. Elevate your new and existing subscription offerings with an automotive grade solution built to delight your customers.

Subscription Management

Offer your subscriptions products across a range of touch points

Managing subscriptions for just one platform is complicated to say nothing of all the places your customers want to buy. Nami is the easiest way to implement one solution and sell subscriptions everywhere you need to. Whether a mobile app, on your web site, or even from a connected device, Nami has you covered with one unified view of your subscribers regardless of where the billing takes place.

App subscription paywall on multiple devices

Purchase Experience

Your subscription businesses can't be static.

Need to offer new subscription products? Adapt pricing? Align with a marketing promotion? The reality of subscription businesses is they must be fluid to adapt to a changing industry landscape. Nami gives you the power to adapt your subscription offerings instantly.

Designer to build an app paywall purchase experience

Data Management

Ingest unified subscriber data into your systems

Dispense with spreadsheets or manual data loads. Nami harmonizes subscriber data regardless of what device the customer purchased on. Ingest clear, unified  data can easily be ingested into your data warehouse or BI tool through integrations with leading tools or a custom integration with your web services.

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App Revenue Success

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No-Code Paywalls

Unlock our best app retention strategies, built upon a great subscriber experience.

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Subscription Management

Offer IAPs & subscriptions across mobile, web and connect devices with one service.

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Revenue Insights

Delivering the actionable insights you need to optimize your app revenue.

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Happy Subscribers

Deliver a better  experience through personalization, contextualization & support.

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Leverage data across your stack for analytics, cross-channel campaigns, analytics & more.

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Enterprise Grade

Battle tested speed, security & data privacy. Compliant with SOC 2 and PCI-DSS.

The best subscription experience starts with Nami

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