Easily add subscriptions & IAPs to your Objective-C app.

Monetize your Objective-C Apps

Unleash the power of Nami's Subscriber Experience Cloud with just a few lines of Objective-C code.

Made for the App Store

  • Take full advantage of official Apple App Store APIs for in-app payments
  • Sell both auto-renewable subscriptions and in-app purchases
  • No StoreKit code to write, receipts to validate, or server notifications to process

Speed & Power

Nami helps you get to market fast and then gives you the power to grow and optimize quickly too.

  • Built-in UIKit-based paywall that is ready to use & can be tailored from your browser
  • Show different storefronts to different users based upon their unique customer journey
  • Analytics & customer support tools help you grow and optimize revenue
  • Integrate with your stack & much more!

Integrate our Obj-C Framework in Minutes

  1. Sign up for a free Developer account
  2. Add our SDK to your Xcode project
  3. Configure the SDK & display a storefront
  4. Grant access to premium app features
Setup code for Nami for Objective-C app

Grow your app revenue with Nami

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