Sell App & Other Ways to Make Money Online in 2022
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Sell App & Other Ways to Make Money Online in 2022

The Great Resignation has seen 33 million Americans leave their jobs since the Spring of 2021. While the global pandemic was a catalyst, it’s not what gave so many people the confidence to make the leap. Do you have an idea to sell an app?

It’s never been a better time to be a solopreneur. All you have to do is explore communities such as #buildinpublic on Twitter to see the diversity of products people are building.

There are plenty of great opportunities to make money online in 2022. Here’s just three:

1. Make and Sell an App

It’s never been easier to learn how to make an app. People from all walks of life are learning how to get started with programming using Swift Playgrounds from Apple.

Want to learn how to design and code your first mobile app? Check out the more than 240 tutorials from Design+Code.

Once you make an app, it’s time to make money. In fact, it’s never been easier to make money by collecting in-app payments through the Apple Store or Google Play. Nami provides a simple toolkit to sell your app like additional features, content, or even tips. Payments can be through one-time purchases or recurring subscriptions.

You can sell your app another way, too! Services like Flippa provide a market place for buying and selling apps. The more app revenue, the higher the price.

2. Build a SaaS app with No Code

In addition to a mobile app, you can build a SaaS (software as a service) application. So-called micro-SaaS apps are easier than ever to build no code tools like Bubble. Once built, it’s easier than ever to get feedback and find your first customers.

Communities like Indie Hackers and Product Hunt provide a great jumping off point. Get the word out by sharing what you are doing and asking for feedback.

Once you’ve generated some revenue, sell the app on Flippa or for a nice premium on MicroAcquire if your monthly recurring revenue (MRR) supports it.

3. Create and Publish an Information Product

Another way to make money online is to share your knowledge with others. Paid info products have become incredibly popular. From ebooks to video courses, these come in many formats.

There are so many of these types of products. Some offered for a one time fee. Others through a membership.

Just a few examples:

Anyone Can Sell an App & Make Money Online

We covered only three of the ways people are making money online. There are so many more. All you need to do is figure out what your niche is and have the courage to get started. Happy selling!

Dan Burcaw

Dan Burcaw is Co-Founder & CEO of Nami ML. He built a top mobile app development agency responsible for some of the most elite apps on the App Store and then found himself inside the mobile marketing industry after selling his last company to Oracle.

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