One Billion: Nami ML Achieves Major Milestone

One Billion: Nami ML Achieves Major Milestone

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Dan Burcaw
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Nami ML announced a major milestone with the collection of more than a billion ML training data points for its on-device revenue optimization algorithms.

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Innovative Machine Learning Startup Collects More Than a Billion Training Data Points...But They Don’t Know from Whom!

Privacy-first platform helps mobile apps grow revenue without collecting any personally identifiable information

DENVER, CO: Nami ML (“Nami™”), a provider of an advanced mobile app revenue automation platform powered by on-device machine learning, announced today that it has crossed a major milestone: the collection of more than a billion discrete data points for training its advanced proprietary revenue algorithms.

“This milestone demonstrates Nami’s ability to achieve results for our customers, especially right now when so many people are using their mobile devices more than ever before,” explained Dan Burcaw, Nami’s CEO and Co-Founder. “We’ve proven our platform operates at the scale required for the largest mobile apps while simultaneously protecting end-user privacy and are now ready to move into the next phase of helping app publishers optimize their in-app purchase and subscription revenue."

Since launching its SDK in Spring of 2020, Nami has rapidly expanded its footprint of installed devices through both at scale and small publishers. Of note, media and entertainment and health and wellness categories that have shown substantial growth during a time of increased at-home app usage.

The amount of data collected is a critical measure for any machine learning business, and the speed with which it can be collected drives important time to market considerations about how quickly a model shows statistical significance. Nami uses this data to tune its machine learning platform to help predict and convert mobile app users who are displaying behaviors indicative of purchase intent. Similarly, Nami’s models also provide an early-warning system for detecting users likely to churn.

Nami’s CTO, Alejandro Cantarero adds, “while the specific data points we collect are proprietary, we are proud to have architected the platform in a way that makes end-user privacy central to our design, yet still allows us to collect exactly the insights we need to help mobile app publishers grow their subscription services.” Dr. Cantarero, who earned his Ph.D. in mathematics from UCLA, joined the Nami team last year after leaving his position of VP of Data for the LA Times.

Nami’s platform is ideally suited to businesses that sell subscriptions in their mobile apps, but also works for a range of digitally delivered in-app purchases, including consumables. Interested mobile app developers are encouraged to sign up for a free account today at https://nami.ml or schedule a demonstration by emailing sales@namiml.com or calling +001-321-754-NAMI.


Nami is a trademark of Nami ML Inc., all other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

Dan Burcaw is Co-Founder & CEO of Nami ML. He built a top mobile app development agency responsible for some of the most elite apps on the App Store and then found himself inside the mobile marketing industry after selling his last company to Oracle.

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