Unveiling the Future of Mobile App Subscriptions

Unveiling the Future of Mobile App Subscriptions

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Nami ML revealed the future of mobile app subscription monetization to a packed audience of developers, investors, and industry heavyweights.

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SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nami ML revealed the future of mobile app monetization to a packed audience of developers, investors, and industry heavyweights just a few blocks from Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference.

Using their cloud-based platform, Nami demonstrated how publishers can manage their mobile app paywalls, and optimize in-app revenue by utilizing Nami machine learning capabilities.

App publishers have struggled to convince their customers to subscribe in-app because existing do-it-yourself solutions offer little flexibility, contributing to the fact that fewer than 3,000 apps are making any real money on the app stores.

“The Nami Smart Paywall makes it easier than ever to generate mobile app subscription revenue by giving publishers more flexibility and control,” said Dan Burcaw, Co-Founder and CEO. “Plus we’re protecting user privacy using on-device intelligence.”

The patent-pending SaaS offering empowers app publishers to create customer journeys from the first run of an app through purchase. Once a developer installs Nami, marketing teams control the presentation of sales offers that guide the user toward conversion.

Nami automatically learns behaviors that signal a propensity to purchase which improves the user experience by reducing extraneous marketing noise thus increasing customer satisfaction.

“The mobile app industry is struggling to build a healthy paid customer base. We want to give app publishers the tools they need to win,” explained Joe Pezzillo, Co-Founder and Chairman.

This is the second company jointly founded by Burcaw and Pezzillo. Their prior startup, mobile notification provider Push IO, was sold to Oracle, where they helped build and sell the Oracle Marketing Cloud’s B2C mobile product.

Nami has raised a pre-seed round of more than half a million dollars from WndrCo alongside strategic investors with experience at Apple, Oracle, Samsung, WPP and more.

Additionally, Alejandro Cantarero, Ph.D. joins the company as CTO, after years of experience applying machine learning to monetize digital products, most recently as VP of Data at the LA Times.

Mobile app publishers can request an invite at: http://nami.ml

Nami ML is a trademark of Nami ML Inc., all other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

Dan Burcaw is Co-Founder & CEO of Nami ML. He built a top mobile app development agency responsible for some of the most elite apps on the App Store and then found himself inside the mobile marketing industry after selling his last company to Oracle.

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