Use Nami Smart Paywall to Take Control of Your Mobile App Point of Sale


In-app purchases & subscriptions don’t need to be such a hassle.

Are you sick of of the wasting time implementing and testing in-app purchases or subscriptions? Would you rather not build and maintain paywall screens? Tired of serving ads? Nami can help.

Our platform gives you everything you need to adopt and maintain in-app purchases and subscriptions so you can focus your time and energy on what really matters: developing a great app.



We’ve all experienced solutions that take way too much time to get started or create unforeseen work. That’s why we’ve focused on making Nami easy to adopt.

Free to adopt.

Get access to all of Nami’s core features without entering a credit card. This is a risk-free way to evaluate how Nami helps you save time and generate more subscription revenue.


Minimal code to get started.

Get started by dropping our framework into your app. With just a few lines of code, you’ll be up and running.


Empower non-developers.

Integrating the Nami framework empowers you to delegate administration of your subscriptions to the non-developers on your team so you can focus on your app’s core experience.



In-app purchases and subscriptions can be challenging to implement and test due to complex app store integration points. Nami solves this, by simplifying the purchase lifecycle so you can adopt in-app purchases and subscriptions without the hassle.

Receipt validation.

Nami interfaces with app store receipt validation APIs so you don’t have to. This provides on-going monitoring of purchases so your app can adapt to important details such as when a users cancels.


Easy purchase testing.

Testing in-app purchases is a hassle. Nami makes it easy to test your purchase flows, without wasting time managing App Store test users or going through tedious system prompts just to test your apps reaction to purchase changes.



Nami moves app paywalls to the cloud. This means you can shift day-to-day management to the non-developers on your team, freeing your time to work on your core experience.

Bring your own paywall.

Attach your existing subscription sales sheet or offer screen to the Nami SDK to make it more dynamic. This means you can make basic changes from the cloud and require fewer app updates.


Or, use Nami supplied paywalls

Ready to turn over control of the sales sheet to your product or marketing team? The Nami Paywall is a native (no webviews!), feature rich sales sheet experience that can be fully managed in the cloud by the non-developers on your team.


Eliminate hard-coded rules.

Many apps depend on hard-coded rules to govern when a user is presented your sales sheet. Nami allows you to shift these rules to the cloud, so they can be managed in the cloud. Set presentation criteria based upon app sessions, core content views, and core interactions as the basis for choosing the right moment to ask for the sale.



Our team has built high profile top apps and mobile SDKs deployed on to hundreds of millions of devices. It’s a privilege to be included in your app and we take our responsibility seriously.

Maintain app performance.

Nami uses background, low priority queues for work whenever possible. Sometimes providing a great user experience means processing information more quickly. When this is necessary, we strive to do as minimal work on the main thread at times when app performance is not impacted.


No UI impact

We strive to ensure whenever possible that none of the work that Nami does will impact UI performance. As described above, whenever possible Nami works on the background thread, but we also take extra care to avoid doing work during certain kinds of animations such as controller transitions.


Protect and conserve battery life.

We avoid unneeded work on the device. This means taking care to exercise power consuming features like network requests in a way that allows the system to batch with other requests as much as possible.


No third-party dependencies.

The Nami SDK does not require any third-party code or dependencies. This helps us prevent app bundle and keeps integration points to a minimum. The Nami SDK will never generate a dependency conflict.



Customers are expecting more privacy in apps every day and the regulatory landscape is constantly changing. Privacy is core tenant of our company mission: BCE and we’re building a privacy-minded architecture so we can be a strong partner in your goal to protect your users data.


While we do have to collect a unique identifier to be able to offer personalized experiences, the Nami SDK does not collect email addresses, geolocation information (except at a country level), or device identifiers.


Data minimization.

We employ data minimization to limit what we collect to only what is absolutely necessary. This is in stark contrast to the many SDKs that collect voluminous and invasive data with little regard for the user. 




Ready to Say Goodbye to the Hassle?

Get started for free and get those most out of in-app purchases and subscriptions for your mobile app.