Nami SDK 1.2.0 Released

The latest release of the Nami SDK for iOS version 1.2.0, is now available on GitHub. The new releases offers a number of new features and improvements to help you get the most out of StoreKit and subscriptions.

Paywall Controls

You can now use the Nami Control Center to manage whether your paywalls show Restore or Sign-in controls.


Restore allows your users to restore previously bought in-app purchases so they don’t need to purchase again.

Note: Apple App Review currently requires Restore Purchases functionality on your paywall.

Tip: The Nami SDK provides a Restore Purchase callback in NamiStoreKitHelper so you can present messaging when the restore flow is complete.

Sign-In give your users a way to authenticate with your system and access paid products purchased outside of the App Store ecosystem, such as via your web site.

Tip: If you only sell subscriptions via your mobile app, you should turn off the Sign-In control.

Pro Tip: If you want to use Sign-In, the Nami SDK provides a callback so you can implement your sign-in workflow.

Paywall Legal


You can now use the Nami Control Center to manage whether your paywalls show Terms of Use and/or Privacy Policy links. If these links are not populated,

Pro Tip: Apple App Review requires that you provide a Terms of Use and Privacy Policy somewhere within your app, but they are not required on your paywall.

Additionally, if you’d like to display specific Purchase Terms directly on your paywall, just enter the language under your paywall’s legal tab.

Other Improvements

  • Built for Xcode 10.3, if you still use Xcode 10.2 use framework located in Xcode10-2 folder.

  • Improve detection of subscription expiration.

  • Added re-validation of receipt on regular basis to monitor purchase changes.

  • Re-validates receipt on first launch so users may not need to use Restore.

  • Improved logging provider to be passed simpler non-http messaging.

  • SDK now batches multiple requests for same products if asked for before StoreKit loading finishes.

  • Fixed support for safe area at bottom of paywall screen.

  • Improves helpers for parsing receipt purchase fragments.

  • Added method to NamiLogging to handle simpler logging.

As always, we welcome your feedback!

ProductDan Burcaw