Nami iOS Architect Interviewed

The Mac Observer’s Kelly Guimont interviewed Nami iOS Architect Kendall Gelner for The Daily Observations podcast during Day 2 of Apple’s World Wide Developers conference.

Kelly asked Kendall about what we’re up at Nami ML and how Apple’s news this week impacts us. Kendall talked about Apple’s announcements relating to privacy as good news for Nami, as strong user privacy practices are a core focus for our product.

We’re trying to make [in-app purchases] a better system... and we’re trying to do it in a way where we’re not gathering user information to sell to other people.
— Kendall Gelner, iOS Architect at Nami ML

Listen below for the full discussions on Nami ML, user privacy, iPadOS, and the other big announcements from Apple this week.

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TeamDan Burcaw