Nami SDK 1.3.0 Released

The latest release of the Nami SDK for iOS version 1.3.0, is now available on GitHub.

The new release makes it easier than ever to use Nami with your iOS by offering improved compatibility, new distribution formats, and helpful messages when integrating the framework in your app project.

The complete releases notes are below:

  • Nami SDK now supports Objective-C.

  • Added support for Carthage distribution.

  • Added support for CocoaPods distribution.

  • Fix the ordering of POST calls for initial session/config data.

  • Console messaging when App Store Connect shared secret for receipt validation has not been set.

  • Check that app bundle ID matches bundle ID for given Nami AppID.

  • Minor UI fixes to terms text in paywalls.

  • Paywall links for Terms and Privacy Policy now open in-app Safari browser.

If you have feedback, please open an issue via GitHub or email us directly.

Thanks for using Nami!

ProductDan Burcaw